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COVID-19: We at Ballard Computing Services take the Coronavirus threat and your safety very seriously. When on- site or discussing your system in person, we will always wear a face covering and observe appropriate distancing. In addition, all laptop keyboards, keyboards, mice; etc. will be cleaned with an alcohol solution when we're finished with the work. By observing these safety rules, hopefully we can get back to normal sooner. Thanks!

What's up now? Jim installed an SSD in an ailing All-in-one computer. Nice!

This week:

Jim built a custom PC for a photographer and is planning phase II of a big install job.

I've finished installing two new domain controller Windows servers and a Sonicwall firewall security appliance at my ransomware client. We've wiped and loaded all workstations. Active Directory replication, nightly PDC imaging, twice daily shares image to NAS. Good luck to this fine group of folks. Thanks very much!

Windows 10

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Need a new phone or computer cable and jack?

Attention, please! Windows 7 expires Jan. 15 and will no longer be safe for use on the internet. Do you need to upgrade your Windows 7 computer? Please email me at for more info and a good deal.
At your service! Computer service at your home or business.

Jim Ballard
Microsoft MCP, MCSA, MSDBA

For fastest service, call 281-773-4772, text 281-773-4772, or e-mail If no answer, please don't hang up thinking I must be too busy for you. Please leave a message or text me and I'll get right with you!

Please be advised that, in order to keep costs and prices low, I do not have a storefront. Please do not go looking for my store! I offer on-site consultant services at your home or business. As a result, my prices are often half of what you would expect to pay at the big stores. Less overhead! I specialize in home and small business computer maintenance, repair, and consulting - computer repair, laptop repair, network and internet troubleshooting, email / Outlook support, hardware upgrades and replacement, virus and malware removal / prevention, and training.

  • Windows, Linux, macOS
  • Work performed at your home or business
  • Emergency service
  • New computer setup / recovery media / system image / training
  • Wired and wireless printer setup
  • Computer / laptop repair, upgrades, and tweaking
  • Laptop screen replacement
  • Software support
  • E-mail setup and troubleshooting
  • Virus, spyware, malware removal
  • Password recovery (Windows only)
  • Deleted files recovery
  • Ethernet / Wifi installation and troubleshooting
  • Home and small business router installation and configuration
  • VPN setup and training
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Windows, Linux, and macOS SMB network configuration and maintenance
  • Windows Server Active Directory moves, adds, and changes
  • Custom local backup scripting for Windows, Linux, macOS
  • Telephone, video, and data cabling

Ballard Computing Services Customer Agreement and Terms of Service

Do you have a broken computer or laptop (2010 on newer) that you no longer need or want? At no charge to you, I will come pick it up (within a 10 mile radius), diagnose it, and give you a fair repair quote. If you choose not to repair, it's mine. I will securely wipe it, repair if possible, and find it a new home. No recycling center hassles! Recycle or repurpose, don't throw it in the landfill!

Planning on getting a new Windows PC? For safe use on the internet, you’ll need to have it set up properly – personal data migrated to the new system, recovery media created, bundled junk software removed, firewall holes closed, Antivirus installed and configured, all critical software updated, backup plan and schedules in place; etc. A new computer is not safe for use on the internet until this work is done. I can do this work for you for way less than you may think - usually takes takes two days to complete. For fastest service, call 281-773-4772 or e-mail

Why are new cheap laptops so inexpensive? Is there a catch?
New inexpensive laptops are LOADED with spyware. Spyware software creators are subsidizing computer manufacturers - they've got junk installed that you don't want or need. I'll remove this junk for you, help you get set up the right way, create recovery media for WHEN (NOT IF) the hard disk fails, and help you develop a backup plan. Please call to make an appointment. "On-Site - At Your Service!"